four guitar cases covering all four sides of the tukhemin


Got guitars? We are excited to introduce an innovative way to keep your guitars safer and accessible at the same time: tukhemin.

Tukhemin are racks that hold up to four guitar cases at a time. Guitars may be in their cases on the racks or out of their cases and in use while the cases remain undisturbed on the rack. When fully loaded you see the guitars and cases, less of the tukhemin itself.

These racks are mobile. They can roll from one place to another or spin in place. Remarkably, they can also fold for storage, for shipping, or for use as a dolly.

We look forward to hearing from you. Comments are welcome. Please return often to see the website develop and keep up with our progress.

wood guitar-in-case rack

a tukhemin ready to store up to four guitars or banjos in standard hard-shell cases

four guitar cases covering all four sides of the tukhemin

a tukhemin fully loaded with four guitars in their cases keeps case lids closed or open, as desired


a birds-eye view of a tukhemin with four guigars in their cases

the top view of a tukhemin shows how compactly the guitar cases are stored