Conscious coupling of guitars and their cases

A Tukhemin declutters by allowing you to get cases out of your closets and reunite the cases with guitars that may be strewn all over the place, on furniture, on stands, leaning against walls, whatever. Imagine that, a single place for your guitars and their cases . . . and it is not a closet or under a bed. Imagine further that this new home for guitars facilitates engagement with these instruments and facilitates rolling them as a group to a new location or out of sight when necessary.

Loaded       Top view 140415       Edge view 2 140415

Compactness in guitar storage

How do Tukhemin produce so much compactness? There are three answers to that question. First, guitar cases are tipped back, but not very far back, just slightly beyond the minimum needed to keep guitars in their cases. Second, the guitars are arranged in a quadruple helix form. So there is some overlapping from one case to another. That is, when you look down on a loaded Tukhemin, you will see that the neck of one case is directly above the bouts of the next case. Finally, with large guitar-shaped cases, the upper bout of one case fits between the bouts of the case to its right.

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