Loaded TukheminA Tukhemin is a guitar case rack with features unlike any other. It is, of course, somewhat unusual because it is for cases and not directly for instruments. However it is unique because it has a number of practical, new features.

Tukhemin provide a previously unheard of combination of security and access. The gold standard for guitar storage is “case-kept.” In the past, “case-kept” also has meant inaccessible. However, Tukhemin provides for “case-kept” security while, at the same time, providing for really more accessibility than with instruments that hang on walls or rest on stands.

First, the lids of the cases are held closed or open at the users will, so a Tukhemin can be used for displaying the tops of guitars, for making access nearly instantaneous, or for keeping them safely locked up behind the lids of their cases. Second, Tukhemin roll, spin, and stay immobile at the will of the user. Third, a Tukhemin can fold and thus transform into a dolly to be used for such things as heavy amplifiers, monitors, mixing boards, and the like. Finally, Tukhemin adjust to accommodate a wide range of cases.

So every Tukhemin embraces cases, adjusts, spins, folds, rolls, protects, conserves and declutters. These features make Tukhemin quite unique.


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  1. Gretchen Messer

    It sure would be nice to SEE what one of these looks like – with and without holding guitars. The next step is to send a free one to one of your favorite guitarists as a gesture of appreciation, with a BIG link to your website at the bottom of your note. Gotta spread the word!!! I will send the link to family and friends…. but they dont play guitar.

    But CONGRATULATIONS for getting through Federal bureaucracy in less than 10 years!!!

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