Why Tukhemin fold

Why should Tukhemin fold? There are multiple reasons. First, shipping to the lower 48 may be on the order of $25 (this is subject to change!). But if they did not fold, shipping would be on the order of three times that figure. Second, Tukhemin can be stored in very little space, almost 26″x26″x4″. That is a slight exaggeration, because that last dimension is slightly above 4″ fully assembled with casters. However, it is slightly less than 4″ without casters. Finally and possibly most importantly, Tukhemin become dollies when folded. As a result, they can carry a myriad of equipment. The weight limit is about 300 pounds. So the need to lug heavy gear around is reduced by having Tukhemin. Remember to use bungee cords or straps when carrying heavy and tall equipment on a folded Tukhemin . . . or any other dolly for that matter. Also, please go slow.IMG_4478

Erecting Tukhemin

Let’s begin with erecting a Tukhemin out of the box. There is a carriage bolt that goes between struts and through the top of the cap. Remove this bolt by unscrewing the wing-nut on the underside of the cap. Do not lose the carriage bolt, the large fender washer or the wing-nut. Once you have separated the cap from the struts, put the carriage bolt through the top of the cap with the fender washer on the topside and the wing-nut on the underside. This will reduce the possibility that you will lose them.

Now place the cap upside down on the floor and line up a couple of adjacent metal dowels in the cap with holes in the ends of the struts. Continue until all dowels are in their respective holes. Now lift the Tukhemin by the struts and turn it right side up. That’s it.

Folding Tukhemin

Now let’s turn our attention to folding. Pull up on the cap to remove it from the struts. You may have to wiggle it a bit as you are pulling upward. The struts will want to come crashing down, but you can avoid that if you wish by holding them up and letting them down easily. Note that two struts need to be below and the other two need to be above in order to fold flat. Next, remove the carriage bolt, fender washer, and wing-nut from the top of the cap. Now, tip the base with the struts up so you have access to the underside. Holding the cap against the struts on the underside, slide the carriage bolt with the fender washer between the struts at their center crossing and throught the top of the cap. Finally from the underside, put the wing-nut on the bolt and tighten.

We welcome your Comment on the ability of Tukhemin to fold.