So, what cases are accomodated by Tukhemin? Right out of the box, Tukhemin are designed to handle a wide variety of hard-shell, instrument-shaped cases: guitar, banjo, and bass guitar cases. With optional gear an even wider variety can be handled: rectangular guitar and mandolin cases. We are currently working on the optional kits to handle the rectangular guitar cases and mandolin cases. For the sake of clarity, these are two different optional kits. Nevertheless, both kits contain shorter pegs than are standard with the Tukhemin.

The pegs on Tukhemin are adjustable. They move left and right to accommodate cases of various sizes and configurations. In general (not relevant for rectangular cases), the neck of the case should be approximately parallel with the adjacent side of the pyramid.

One optional kit that we are developing/considering consists of long pegs to hold small to medium-sized amplifiers and monitors. This would allow instrumentalists in small venues to roll all their gear on and off stage in one simple package, say, three guitars and an amp or two guitars an amp and a monitor.