More than any guitar stand or guitar hanging device, Tukhemin protects guitars from being struck, scratched, knocked over, or dropped. But since other case racks protect guitars, what really separates Tukhemin is that it protects while facilitating access to guitars. No other case rack can make this claim.

If Tukhemin are struck from the side, the most likely outcome is that it simply rolls away from the impact. If some of the case lids are open at the time of impact, it is possible that they will close as the result of the impact. Open lids may also help absorb the impact. The point here is that it would be extremely difficult to knock over a Tukhemin. It is, however, possible for a Tukhemin to roll off a stage, down a stairway, or off the back of a truck. As a result, we recommend caution in these kinds of environments.